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Axkid Minikid

Axkid Minikid

Minikid is a seat from Axkid which share some great fetures with Rekid. It has the large head support with automatic adjustment and the self locking tether straps.

Minikid is also light weight, installed with seat belt and is one of only five seats in the world having passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test standard up to 25 kg (55 lbs). Thanks to the adjustable head support Minikid can be used rear facing facing to around six years of age.

Minikid is installed rear facing with seat belt and can be used 9-25 kg. Installation is fast and easy with the self adjusting tether straps. The seat is one of the most compact seats, similar to Britax Hi-Way and Max-Way.

The large head support is integrated with the harness and has a smart feature always placing it at the right height. Release harness and it slides together with head support to top position. Place child in the seat and tighten harness. Head support and harness will automatically move down to the correct shoulder level.

Manual locking of the head support is a new feature for Minikid. A small lever will quickly lock the head support in any position desired. A nice feature for those with smaller children who prefer manual adjustment.

Using the tether straps is easy thanks to the automatic locking mechanism. Attach straps to any solid point under front seat and lightly rock the seat from side to side. The self locking ALR mechanism will quickly lock the straps tightly for a rock solid installation.

Angle of Minikid is easily adjusted with the metal bar under front of car seat. The long support leg and nice recline means Minikid will work well in almost any vehicle

Sides of Minikid are nicely curved which together with the large head support provide excellent side impact protection.

Fabric is removable and machine washable at 30 Degrees.

• Certified ECE R44/04
• Passed Swedish Plus Test to 25 kg
• Approved rear facing 9-25 kg
• Compact installation fitting small to large cars
• Large head support for excellent side impact protection
• Unique self adjusting harness/head support
• Self locking tether straps with "ALR"
• Fabric is removable and machine washable


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