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Axkid Minikid 2.0

Axkid Minikid 2.0

Minikid is a compact rear facing seat with a very tall seat shell. It has a large head support with automatic adjustment and self locking tether straps. It's approved rear facing 0-25 kg (0-55 lbs) and has passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test. The new 2018 model has ASIP side impact protection, an improved and redesigned support leg, a thicker head support and a fabric which is far easier to remove for washing.

Minikid is installed rear facing with seat belt and is one of few seats in the world having passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test standard to 25 kg (55 lbs). Minikid is also one of the most compact rear facing seats available despite its very tall seat shell. It will fit nicely in pretty much any car small to large. The seat will usually last to around age six or 125 cm. The 2018 model has ASIP, which is side impact protection developed by Axkid. This should be used on the side which is closest to the vehicle door.

The new head support is slightly thicker than previously for better safety and sleeping comfort. Adjustment of the head support is self-tightening which means harness is always tight. Manual adjustment of the the head support level is also possible with the redesigned lever. Using the tether straps is easy thanks to the automatic locking mechanism. Attach straps to any solid point under front seat and move the seat from side to side. The self locking ALR mechanism will quickly lock the straps tightly for a rock solid installation.

Angle of Minikid is easily adjusted with the metal bar under front of car seat. If you have a car with vehicle seats sloping more than usual then use the optional styrofoam wedge for more angle. The support leg has been redesigned and is now used with only one button which is accessible from the side.

Removing the cover was previously a bit complicated but this has now been greatly improved. It's now easily removed and machine washable.

• Certified ECE R44/04
• Passed Swedish Plus Test to 25 kg
• Approved rear facing 0-25 kg
• ASIP side impact protection
• Compact installation fitting small to large cars
• Large head support for great safety and sleeping comfort
• Unique self adjusting harness/head support
• Self locking tether straps with "ALR"
• Fabric is removable and machine washable


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