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Britax Multi Tech 2

Britax Multi Tech 2

Multi Tech is a combination seat which can be used both rear and forward facing to 25 kg (55 lbs). It will will keep most children comfortably rear facing to 5+ years and forward facing to 7 years or more. Multi Tech keeps children rear facing longer than any other seat in the world due to its expandable seat shell and high rear facing weight limit.

Despite the tall seat shell and long rear facing time Multi Tech fits nicely in normal mid size cars.

Multi Tech has an expandable seat shell with nice deep sides for great Side Impact Protection and easy single hand adjustment. The adjustable head support with integrated harness keep children safe and comfortable. As children grow the head support move higher making sure head is protected and harness is kept in correct position.

The tall seat shell of Multi Tech allow most kids to sit rear facing to age 5 or longer. Seat is then turned around and head support expand even further. Forward facing use is up to 18 kg (40 lbs.) with harness and 25 kg. (55 lbs) with seat belt as a high back booster.

Multi Tech can be placed rear facing in all places in back seat and also in the front seat (airbag deactivated with key/switch!). Seat can be installed with regular 3-point seat belt or lap belt. Installation is straight forward with support leg and smart built in seat belt lockoffs. Angle of installation is quickly changed by adjusting plate underneath car seat.

Please not we strongly recommend rear facing to at least age 4.

Multi Tech is a favorite among parents who seek comfortable rear facing for maximum time and/or have tall children.

• Certified 9-25 kg. (20-55 lbs) rear facing
• Certified forward facing 9-18 kg. (20-40 lbs) with harness
• Certified forward facing 15-25 kg (33-55 lbs) with seat belt
• Tall and expandable seat shell
• Expandable head support with integrated harness
• Single hand adjustment of head support
• Most children can sit rear facing until 5+ years
• Fits nicely in normal mid size cars
• Certified ECE R44/04


Britax Two-Way
Ultra long rear facing time thanks to a tall seat shell, light weight and used rear or forward facing to 25 kg.
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