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Tether loops
These tether loops are not a requirement but does make attaching tether straps far easier and...
Angle adjuster
Angle adjuster for Britax Max-Way, Britax Hi-Way, Britax Two-Way and Axkid Minikid. The...
Seat protector
Protect your seats from snow, mud and rain. Easily installed and cleaned
Chest Clip
For those of you with a child who escape the car seat harness like Houdini..... European car...
Ultra Mat
Ultra Mat is similar to a regular dirt cover but does provide better protection. Material is...
Head Support
Head support providing extra stability for head and neck. Padded sides for comfort and easy sleeping
BeSafe Mirror
Simple and safe rear facing mirror from BeSafe making it easy to keep an eye on your child in the...
Keep cool cover
The new cover from AeroMoov helps to keep your child cool in the car seat. Perfect for those who...
Sun shade
A good accessory to block the sun from above and above. Installation is easy and only requires...
Tether Straps
Get a second pair of tether straps to quickly move your seat to another vehicle. Perhaps you've...
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Travel bag/dirt cover
Smart carrying bag fitting Duologic perfectly. Can be used both as a travel bag and a dirt cover.
Triofix spacer
This spacer will create more leg space for your child in the Triofix/Triofix Recline. Installs...
Base for Izi Modular
Base for the new BeSafe Izi Modular and Izi Go seats with adjustable leg space for the child.
Triofix buckle
Viking Buckle for Klippan Triofix. Provides audible signal when buckle is opened.
FamilyFix base
The FamilyFix base is used for Pearl XP
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